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A leader in technology


In addition to our expertise as a long-standing automotive supplier, the success of our innovational strength is based on the number of new technologies: The combination of the most modern production lines, agility in all processes and Industry 4.0 secures our decisive advantage over the competition.

Leading premium marques trust our product portfolio of battery cases, crash management systems, structural components, door components and tailgate structures.

As a full-service supplier, we stand for holistic process support – starting with development, through design to manufacturing in automotive lightweight construction.


Lightweight construction


We secure the competitive edge in lightweight automotive construction using aluminium and steel.




We support the future vision and development of our customers from the outset. Our experience and expertise in the area of high-voltage e-mobility batteries is unique.


Manufacturing expertise


Our optimised manufacturing processes with high-precision robotic production and continuous tolerance testing ensure 100% quality for our customers’ high-voltage storage batteries.




Our battery cases meet all international standards for crash safety and protect our customers’ end consumers from chemical reactions and thermal runaway.

Full-service supplier



Our unique products and manufacturing solutions are developed in-house to meet the specific demands of our customers. This ensures the ongoing development and innovation of our products, processes and technologies.

Full-service supplier



We carry out virtual and real tests in-house. These include process evaluations, feasibility assessments and our own test stands, e.g. for testing crash management systems. Real tests can be carried out at a very early stage in the product development process.

Full-service supplier



In our prototyping department we manufacture our own small series, sample parts and prototype series. We have a high level of expertise in aluminium and steel and use robotic and manual welding methods, depending on the requirement and number of pieces.

Full-service supplier

Series production


In series production and engineering, experienced programme managers steer our projects through the entire process from development to manufacture. We have a standardised database-driven project management system and use cost- and quality-optimised process planning. Logistics and lean production specialists are involved from the start.

Full-service supplier

Quality assurance


Our QA system is based on the specifications of our customers, we successfully pursue the goal of continuous development and improvement. This includes the complete planning and design of the measurement and testing methods, including the latest test procedures, as well as direct process integration. We carry out initial sampling in accordance with customer requirements and employ a database-driven project management system.

Full-service supplier



We continue to fully support our customers after completion of the series. In our customer service department parts can still be manufactured after the series.

Processes and methods



We develop and manufacture our own machines for various bending and roll forming processes that are used in the manufacture of our products. Processes such as stamping and punching are also used.

Processes and methods

Cutting and processing


We use cutting and processing methods such as laser cutting, notching, sawing and milling in our work processes.

Processes and methods

Metal joining


We employ arc and laser welding, MIG brazing, adhesive bonding, clinching and assembly for joining various metallic materials.

Processes and methods

Surface treatment


The surface treatment of our components involves processes such as washing, cleaning, degreasing, pickling, passivation and powder coating.
In general, partner networks in all processes and procedures enable us to significantly expand our in-house capabilities.



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