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We are leading innovators in lightweight automotive construction using aluminium and steel.


Apr, 2021

New Work Excellence

Waldaschaff Automotive has received the New Work Excellence 2021 / 2022 award from bayme vbm, which identifies us as an innovative and agile company.

Apr, 2021

TOP 100 award

Waldaschaff Automotive received a TOP 100 Innovator award in the 2021 compamedia innovation competition.

Apr, 2021

Germany’s best training enterprise

Waldaschaff Automotive is one of Germany’s best training enterprises. The study was carried out in 2020 by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) on behalf of DEUTSCHLAND TEST and the business magazine, FOCUS-MONEY.

Apr, 2021

Training Enterprise 2020

Waldaschaff Automotive was named Training Enterprise 2020 by the Lower Bavaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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We are proud of working together with our customers on individual and future-proof solutions which will protect lives at the critical moment.


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State-of-the-art innovation

Apr, 2021

TOP 100 Innovator of Germany

Future engine: Waldaschaff Automotive was awarded the accolade of TOP 100 Innovator in Germany. We have developed our company in the direction of e-mobility and completely changed our business model. In this transformation process we have been able to prove our...